3 Ways to Get More Women into Tech Venture Capital


The Ellen Pao case has shined renewed light on gender disparity in the financing machine that fuels Silicon Valley’s innovation economy. Many say that the case itself will pave the way to get more women into tech venture capital and private equity. Programs like Andreessen Horowitz’ bootcamp to train women to be effective board members is another worthy initiative with the same goal.

In my mind, though, these event-driven initiatives must be coupled with “general training” to develop the traits required to be a great investor. So, the following are some tips for not just breaking into the profession, but excelling at it. They are what I aspire to daily as Co-founding Partner of Centerview Capital and are based on my “learning” from over 15 years of working with some of the truly best tech investors of all time.
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My Best Career Mistake: Not Asking For Help

Wiley Coyote

(This post first appeared on Fortune.com here)

Albert Einstein once said: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

However, in my view, there are good mistakes and bad mistakes. Good mistakes can be choices that seem wrong initially, but in fact lead to new innovations or lessons learned.

Being a big fan of trying new things, I seem to constantly be making what others initially view as mistakes:

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